Stock Number: 232626
Make: Magnum
Model: MLT5200
Year: 2014

Stock Number: EQU003895
Make: Taylor
Model: TXH350L
Year: 2011

Stock Number: EQU003173
Make: Ottawa
Model: 30
Year: 2004

Stock Number: 208827
Make: CAT
Model: GP45N1-LE
Year: 2015

Stock Number: 208433
Make: CAT
Model: GP50CN1-LE
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 2-16-269242
Make: Potain
Model: IGO T85A
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 1-16-600248
Make: Spyder
Model: URW295
Year: 2016

Stock Number: 232820
Make: Tico
Model: ProSpotterDOT
Year: 2016

Stock Number: 211354
Make: JLG
Model: 1930ES
Year: 2012

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-90
Make: Misc

Stock Number: EQC001526
Make: Yale
Model: GLP080LJ
Year: 2004

Stock Number: EQU006817
Make: Kalmar
Model: DCG160-12
Year: 2015

Jungheinrich End Control Forklifts

Jungheinrich End Control Forklifts

The lift truck has become a vital piece of machine that could raise and transport things and heavy supplies with both speed and efficiency. How a business utilizes this tool could significantly affect its profitability.

A common storage method is Free Stacking Pallets. This is a way to utilize your lift truck that is economical and easy. Free Stacking Pallets involves placing one pallet over another to create a stack of products. This is a stable storage technique and is suggested when dealing with many pallets of similar dimensions and height or huge amounts of the same product. The drawback of this method is that it only allows access to the items placed last, so it does not allow a First In First Out system.

It is vital to have a pallet racking technique that involves the stable storage of different sized pallets. Using a Last In First Out or First In First Out system, will allow for easy access of any pallet. It enables the rack to change shape and grow depending upon daily requirements. This method needs aisles which are adequately wide to enable a lift truck to freely access the racks and maneuver easily. The downside is that this particular system means fewer pallets can be handled within the setting. This might not make a difference if there is sufficient space available.

Similar to Pallet Racking, the technique referred to as Narrow Aisle Racking enables a Last In First Out or First In First Out technique. It varies in that a special narrow forklift is utilized. This means that smaller areas are required between the aisles of pallets than in the Pallet Racking technique. The benefit is that more goods could be kept in the same area. The disadvantage is that you would have to transition to a new truck if you already own a typical lift truck. The cost of obtaining special equipment might be a deterrent to adopting this method of storage.

It is essential to use your lift truck to its full potential. It pays to consider your time expenses in storage and retrieval of pallets. Then you could determine whether there are more effective means to use your lift truck to accelerate the process or to increase the usable area of your units. Greater effectiveness equals bigger productivity.

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